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Land in Kalipado

Ref #: 5075    Land in Kalipado
Municipal Section: Arkadion   Local Community: Kalipado   
A property of 10.000sq.m. in Kalipado with a view to the prairie.

50.000 €

Land in Alykanas

Ref #: 5081    Land in Alykanas
Municipal Section: Alykes   Local Community: Alykanas   
A property in Alykanas of 4.000sq.m. appropriate for a house.

130.000 €

Land in Lithakia

Ref #: 5011    Land in Lithakia
Municipal Section: Laganas   Local Community: Lithakia   
Land of 1.000sq.m. in Lithakia appropriate for a house.

65.000 €

Land in Laganas

Ref #: 5042    Land in Laganas
Municipal Section: Laganas   Local Community: Laganas   
A property in Laganas of 1.500sq.m. suitable for any use.

195.000 €

Land in Agios Kirykas

Ref #: 5037    Land in Agios Kirykas
Municipal Section: Arkadion   Local Community: Agios Kirykas   
A property of Agios Kirykas with 40m. facing the road appropriate for a house.

50.000 €

Land in Akrotiri

Ref #: 5040    Land in Akrotiri
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   Local Community: Akrotiri   
Land in Akrotiri of 3.134sq.m. with a sea view and 90m. facing the road approprite for houses. Also sold per 1.000sq.m. to 95.000 euros.

280.000 €

Lands in Gaitani

Ref #: 5039    Lands in Gaitani
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   Local Community: Gaitani   
Two lands of 1.876sq.m. and 1.623sq.m. in Gaitani with 19m. and 15m. facing the road appropriate for houses.

160.000 €

Land near town

Ref #: 4972    Land near town
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   Local Community: Kipi   
Land near the town of 832sq.m. appropriate for any use.

110.000 €

Land in Agios Dimitrios

Ref #: 5015    Land in Agios Dimitrios
Municipal Section: Alykes   Local Community: Agios Dimitris   
A property of 11.000sq.m Agios Dimitrios. In the 3.500sq.m. there is a vineyard and in the other 3.500sq.m. there are 40 olive trees.

65.000 €

Land in Galaro

Ref #: 5064    Land in Galaro
Municipal Section: Artemission   Local Community: Galaro   
A property of 1.040sq.m. in Galaro with 50m. facing the road. Within the plot there are 38 olivetrees.

60.000 €

Land in Akrotiri

Ref #: 5002    Land in Akrotiri
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   Local Community: Akrotiri   
Land of 1.108sq.m. in Akrotiri 500m. from the sea and 50m. facing the road.

140.000 €

Land in Maherado

Ref #: 4971    Land in Maherado
Municipal Section: Artemission   Local Community: Maherado   
A property of 13.000sq.m. in Maherado with 85m. facing the road appropriate for any use.

400.000 €

Land in Vougiato

Ref #: 4968    Land in Vougiato
Municipal Section: Artemission   Local Community: Vougiato   
A property of 4.361sq.m. in Vougiato with 90 olive trees appropriate or a house.

100.000 €

Land in Mouzaki

Ref #: 4702    Land in Mouzaki
Municipal Section: Laganas   Local Community: Mouzaki   
A property of 300.000sq.m. in Mouzaki with 100 olive trees appropriate for any use.

210.000 €

Land in Pantokratoras

Ref #: 5008    Land in Pantokratoras
Municipal Section: Laganas   Local Community: Pantokratoras   
A property of 4.000sq.m. in Pantokratoras with 75m. facing the road. In the land there is an old house of 45sq.m. and 75 olive trees.

220.000 €

Land in Agios Sostis

Ref #: 5038    Land in Agios Sostis
Municipal Section: Laganas   Local Community: Agios Sostis   
Land in Agios Sostis of 2.511sq.m. with 75m. facing the road and 500m. from the sea.

280.000 €

Land in Akrotiri with sea view

Ref #: 5035    Land in Akrotiri with sea view
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   Local Community: Akrotiri   
A property in Akrotiri of 500sq.m. with a sea view appropriate for a house.

70.000 €

Land on the beachfront in Argassi

Ref #: 4204    Land on the beachfront in Argassi
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   Local Community: Argassi   
Land on the beachfront in Argassi of 2.000sq.m. with 35m. facing the beach appropriate for any use. For sale also half.

500.000 €

Land in Abelokipi

Ref #: 4978    Land in Abelokipi
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   Local Community: Abelokipi   
Land of 510sq.m. in Abelokipi appropriate for a house.

30.000 €

Land in Sarakinado

Ref #: 4764    Land in Sarakinado
Municipal Section: Arkadion   Local Community: Sarakinado   
Land of 5.195sq.m. in Sarakinado with 72,52m. facing the road.

55.000 €



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