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Posted by Contonis Jamie on November 11, 2020

 This service concerns property owners who either live far from their property, are residents abroad or generally have insufficient time to deal with it.

1. We collect your rent with professionalism, consistency, and continuous information from the “mechanism” of rent collection in case of problems via SMS or Email 
2. We check – inspect your property at regular intervals in case it is empty. 
3. We undertake to repair any damages or losses after your financial approval or even the choice of your technicians. 
4. We check monthly all fixed bills (PPC, EYDAP, utility bills, etc.) and inform you electronically about their payment. 
5. We undertake the upgrade of the property through construction works or architectural landscaping – decoration works with guaranteed results of the direct lease.
6. We recommend a financial pre-audit file of the potential tenant that you approve, which includes the following: 

Proof of salary (employees) 
Residence permit 
Letter of recommendation from a previous landlord 
Tax return of the last two (2) years 
Insurance (tax) professional (tax) profession 
proxy data 
Proof of address 
Identity photocopy 

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